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GIF: [WikiPedia.Org 2017] ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ is (development) accredited to Steve Wilhite for CompuServe, 1987; the “lossless bitmap image format”.


GIFS can be practical by nature: GIFS display basic color charts, logos and illustrations with solid areas of color extremely well; gradient color display images or color photographs—complex fluctuating color images—do not typically appear as well because of the GIF limitation to a palette of only 256 (total) colors. 


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[TYF 2014, ‘Mirror Mirror’, is a large gradient color enhanced area and it looks somewhat realistic because every physical (material) mirror (also) seems to eventually tarnish over real (face) time.]


 TYF 2014 Mirror Mirror


GIF animations are old style classics: GIFS can be funny, flashy, flamboyant and beautiful as a play anywhere slide show for presenting images and ideas. People always seem to enjoy GIF animation; the presentation can appear very simple even though the creation of the GIF animation required extensive concentration to complex detailing.



[TYF 2015, ‘Scissors’, guts...]


TYF 2015 Raw Scissor



The wonderful thing about GIF animation is it plays on any computer or cell phone Internet access (old and new) device: this is a reason GIF renews as a graphics (digital) art genre year after year.


 TYF 2015 Scissors


Adobe Flash is fancy and smooth animation compared to GIF, but Flash has a limited showground—especially limited by Apple devices—compared to GIF; Flash files are larger and preparation is more difficult than animated GIF creation.


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A negative aspect of GIF is ‘noise’ pollution: at 100% (viewing size) background noise is not visible but if viewing a GIF enlarged to 200%, traces of background noise (like an invisible suddenly visible shadow) follows each moving object unless...


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GIFS animation can be done near noiselessly by inserting a solid color ‘jpeg’ in the state and then copying/pasting the image that’s going to be moving on top of the jpeg without ever actually moving the animation intended (image) object; (function copy/paste) plopping whatever is it on without ever moving it—not moving it in anyway nor direction—over the state frame decreases noise shadow by 95% and yet it increases struggle work.  


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This solid one color opaque jpeg pre-insertion method also drastically reduces GIF color distortion (that occurs because of GIF color 256 maximum display limitation): even though a GIF can be saved with a background of the exact same color by number or name as a webpage, it’s still not going to exactly match a webpage color and not even if the webpage is FFFFFF white.   


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