Kingman AZ Route 66 Visitor Center 2016

Kingman AZ Visitor Center 2016


Many businesses have websites or social media posts online: painting physical ‘store front’ signs or buildings and locations (lots) only to improve how images posted on the Internet look is not a viable option; the best choice is to have photographs of buildings, business locations (parking lots, land lots) store interiors or exterior business signs painted electronically to present better quality images on the Internet for advertisement purposes.


Link After Before PageHill Top Motel Sign 2016TYF HTM Sign 2016


Photographs often have flaws which are not inherent to the captured subject (in persona): a parking lot might look smooth faced (even) during real time but photo ‘facebooked’ on the Internet, it looks rough and uneven from sun shadowing, motion blur, lens (dust) blur, Gaussian blur... A cost efficient method of resolving this issue is (hire TYF) to correct, enhance, altercate or produce a high quality Internet—reduced and sized specifically—prepared digital image file of valued photographs.


Raw Hill Top Motel 2016Raw Hill Top Motel 2 2016


FStyf Hill Top Motel Route 66 2016


Most photographers won’t or can’t utilize enough time—to develop the necessary skill—to produce the best images for customers; photographic “retouching”, air brushing, shadow correction, replacements, exposure altercation and Internet file preparation is more than most are able to do properly. The majority of photographers seem to think “photoshopping” an image means clicking the BLUR function but too much BLUR is the enemy!


The consistent appearance of a real life person can be drastically different from a photographic image of the individual: one should not have to suffer the degradation of bad photography to avoid being criticized for “photoshopping” personal/professional images.



[For the sake of fairness, the video (immediately below) subject person does not look like the (1st) 'Raw' image (frame) during real time, real life; no individual is perpetually insulted or disfigured by shadows from tree limbs, darker shadows from slanted sunshine and dust speckle from a dirty camera lens.


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This video illustration of FStyf progression shows the varying stages of portrait development; from fixed to full fantasy, the most realistic image of the subject person is at the middle of the display.]




A digital portrait—painting a photograph to look specifically like a painting—results a unique keepsake that might also be appreciated by relatives or friends.


Link FStyf Foto (Adobe) Flash Wheel


Shadows and blur or pixel distraction* can be overcome with proper digital imaging treatment: a more difficult task for preparing digital images for the Internet is ‘reduction’.


A standard website page is (8.9 inches wide) 640 pixels wide: most new cameras—specifically camera equipped IPhones or other cellular devices—produce... 2400 pixels width x 3200 pixels height = 33.341 inches width x 44.455 height... mega pixel image files; reducing too large of images to fit a webpage can cause drastic (unattractive) pixilation* of the digital item’s appearance.


Large image files can cause the server to "time out" before download completion and instead of seeing great images, the viewer sees empty boxes with question marks inside. Optimizing (progressive on save) image files for 'web and devices' is a must, but if it takes a webpage visitor longer than 30 seconds to see what is it: that visitor is most likely going to bail before beholding.


Sky Gradient 1Sky Gradient 2






[Pixel distraction* occurs when a digital camera is required to divide pixels over a large number of images within one photograph: to get the most realistic image of a person’s face or body, using only a blank white wall behind the subject will cause a greater accumulation of pixel value to be focused on the individual and not on other things (such as flora and fauna).


Before Blur Light Distortion Correction


A photograph of a person surrounded only by a blank white wall is not very interesting: most photographs include other images and consequently, the features of an individual have less dedicated pixel value; this can be corrected by proper ‘FOTOSHOPtyf’ enhancement of (body) facial features to render a finished ‘foto’ (digital image file) that is remarkably more attractive than the original photograph.




Pixilation* is the unfortunate result of image compression: drastic reduction of image sizes causes the square—versus traditional camera round dots—pixels to become sharp or garish and jagged at the edges of each square pixel combined to produce the overall image.


Image (reduction) compression forces all the color of an image towards the center of the smaller size which can easily result uninvited color and unappealing feature distortions. But for Internet presentation: most photographs have to be dramatically reduced to fit a webpage and to do it properly without devastating an image requires skillful work.


Note: the ‘Rocky’ images (enhanced at the bottom of this page) were cropped and reduced from (approximately) 3200 pixels x 3600 pixels (or about 44 inches by 50 inches either way); full size is beautiful but it’s amazing these drastically reduced—the largest now being 325 pixels width x 300 pixels height or 4.5 inches x 4.167 inches—images even look good at all.] 




Illustrations are artist (TYF) renderings—funny, surreal, hokey or haute couture—for the value of situational (and identity) depiction: basic (digital ready to go) symbol libraries cannot always account for specific themes or exact colors to match other dedicated images or webpage CSS for where an illustration is needed.


Adobe CS5 Illustrator Symbol Library 'Logo Elements' 'Art Easel' 2010TYF 2014 The Arts Easel FYT4-Ever.Info 'The Arts' Page


This lack of personalized digital readiness requires revision but such modifications are time consuming (at best) and that’s if the adjustment (logo, graphic illustration) skill itself isn’t just more than anyone else can do; sometimes it cannot be “something old, something borrowed” or something random blue: it might just have to be something NEW.  


Many Moons Ago TYF 2014




Because... “Life: it’s a totally different kind of beast.” That almost a slogan ‘ad copy’ declares the corporation is communicating from a condition of being dead already and the only people who will consider the expression enticing are others who are also in a state of deceased...


Link TYF vs. BOFA 2017 


Literature can be tricky like that: it takes years of writing practice* to be able to literally convey what is exactly the intended message versus what ends up being enough poorly said (to the public) already.


Kingman Daily Minor Opinion Page




[*TYF graduated Magna Cum Laude ‘Associates of Arts’ with an emphasis on literature (Phi Theta Kappa) before earning additional literature education merit and has been a somewhat infamous (and infamously) published writer of works used for film and Internet presentation since the 1990’s.]




Advertisement Copy (slogans/text), Report, Essay or even legal brief writing is a developed skill: it’s best to realize any limitations for literary communication skill ability before jumping off a too high cliff to flop amidst inappropriate or inane utterance; an experienced writer assessment and/or assistance can prevent publicly presented (or otherwise preposterous) unintentional messages.



To inquire about FOTOSHOPtyf service assignments, costs, methods of payment:  please click (link below) ‘WRITE MS TYF’


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